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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Politics in Schools

Campaign Shall be Launched on the 01.09/2012

Studies Show that the majority of the Britons today would like electoral change, however studies have also suggested that many are unsure as to which other electoral system to have. The £80 million AV referendum cost councils in the UK 10% of their tax budget, yet what did it accomplish? The majority didn't vote or voted no because they did not understand how AV would change the UK political system.

It is a common fact that people are scared of what they do not know or understand, they did not understand AV. For electoral change to occur successfully we need to give the population of Great Britain a chance to understand it and understand other forms of voting as well. Only then will they understand the undemocratic principles of FPTP and the fairer alternatives.

Sign the petition, spread the word! Only when the citizens have the tool's necessary to accept and understand change, will necessary change happen.

Unlock people's minds and democracy will follow.


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SHOUT OUT UK: Providing an alternative voice. Support US


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